Hips Liposuction

If you have been struggling with fat accumulation around the hips that refuses to go away even with exercise and a healthy diet, then a hip fat removal treatment is just the solution you are looking for. Achieving your ideal weight is quite fulfilling, especially when it’s accompanied by an attractive figure.

Since racking up fat pockets around the hips is genetic for women, it’s usually the most difficult to control, even with a healthy diet and exercise routine. However, while the waist and hip areas typically pose a greater challenge for women than men, plenty of men also battle with the same fat accumulation problem.

At our specialized clinic, the procedure has been performed on both men and women with impeccable success. With our team of experienced cosmetic surgeons and medical professionals, we can guarantee excellent results that will create a brand new confident you. You will be surprised what effect a few inches off your hips can have on your overall physique. Still, you must bear in mind that hip liposuction should not be seen as an alternative to any weight loss plan or as a way to get rid of cellulite.

Hips Liposuction

Before Your Hip Liposuction

Since this is a very sensitive procedure, we will first consult with the patient on their expectations. At our top-tier clinic, we take into consideration your full figure to ensure that the final look will be natural. We will begin by evaluating the location and amount of excess fat to be removed along with the hip to waist ratio.

To produce a sculptured look, the hip liposuction treatment is usually conducted around the hip area in combination with the thighs and flanks. The fat may be concentrated on the inner or outer thighs, and the technique used in the hip lift will affect the end results. With our liposuction specialists, you are in safe hands.

How we Perform the Procedure at Our Clinic

During the procedure, our anaesthesiologist will start by administering tumescent local anaesthesia. We prefer this type of anaesthetic over general anaesthesia because associated risks are averted, and recovery is quicker. Our cosmetic surgeon will then make incisions around the area where the fat is to be extracted, and a cannula is introduced into the incisions. This is followed by careful back and forth motions parallel to the skin to break down the fat cells. Finally, the melted fat will be sucked out of the body via the cannula, leaving just enough to maintain the natural shape of the hips.

Recovery after the Procedure

The urge to maintain your new look may drive you to consider hitting the gym ASAP, but you need not hurry. Give yourself time to relax and heal immediately after treatment. Working out too soon may damage the bruised tissues at the site of fat removal. You may resume your day-to-day activities so long as they aren’t too physically demanding.

Compression garments will be supplied at the clinic, and you will be advised to wear them for at least 6 weeks. The healing process may take anywhere between 3 to 6 months, during which period you will need to watch your diet so that you don’t end up gaining fat in the recently operated section.

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