These develop after a blockage of skin ducts. Sebum collects under the skin resulting in often painless swelling. Sometimes they have a dark spot over the top of the cyst called a punctum. They are harmless however sometimes can become enlarged and infected and need treatment with antibiotics.

Most people opt for having the removal procedure if there have been incidences of multiple infective episodes. They can also be removed for cosmetic purposes (See picture series).


These lesions are usually removed under simple local anaesthesia. An elliptical excision is made over the cyst in the natural skin tension lines and the sac and the root of the cyst are removed (See Picture). The wound is closed in layers with deep absorbable sutures and fine non-absorbable sutures that are removed at 1 week. The same process is done for moles and the histology is checked for any atypical features.


  • Infection
  • Scar – Poor scarring (hypertrophic or Keloid)
  • Bleeding
  • Further procedure
  • Recurrence
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