Exercise increases the blood supply to skin and therefore, exercise is useful in improving the grafts survival and its blood circulation. As a result, gentle exercise such as jogging, mild weight lifting(a few kilograms) can be undertaken after 24 hours from the surgery. Contact exercises such as football and basketball and heavy lifting and fast running can be started from one week after the surgery when the grafts are integrated with the skin. Before one week, there is a possibility of physical damage to the grafts.

Please do not shave your hair before coming for the hair transplant procedure, we would like to see how your hair looks like normally and will mark the areas of hair loss in real life and make a plan for your hair transplant procedure.

In the first weeks after hair transplant you lose most of the baby hairs. Please do not worry as the permanent hair will start to grow in a few months. Any hair which grows after the fourth month will be permanent. Therefore, the new hair grows between 4-12 months after the procedure.

With our practice, you will not have any pain after the procedure, and you will not feel unwell. If you are able to work from home and do not need to see your colleagues or clients, you need to be off work only on the day of the transplant procedure. If you need to see clients or colleagues, it is advised to have one week off work

Please notice that hair loss is a continuous process and will not stop with hair transplant surgery, therefore you require to have medical therapy to avoid further hair loss and subsequent hair transplant procedures.

Hair transplant is the best method of replacing the hair you have already lost and is exceptionally successful.

For the most successful result, hair transplant surgery should be combined with medical therapy.

On the day of your procedure, you will be given a pack which contains whatever you require after the surgery. Therefore, there is no need to buy anything for the first week after surgery.

We provide high quality restaurant food as well as refreshments on the day of surgery, so there is no need to bring any food.

We have parking facility on site, you will always get a parking space for your appointment.

The earliest time to have a soft and non-sticky hat would be six days after the procedure

Wigs and helmets are allowed from day eight after the procedure onwards.

From day six you can wear a soft, non-sticky cap and be on sunlight with any problem

Of the sunlight is strong, it might cause skin burn which can damage the grafts. Obviously mild sunlight is not a problem

No, sweat is the fluid which comes from our own body and therefore is sterile, therefore it can not cause any harm to the grafts.

Swimming is not advised for a month after the procedure

Please notice that the swimming pools’ water also contain chlorine as an antiseptic which can affect the hair growth and adversely.