This is a cosmetic uplift procedure that reshapes the breast. The internal tissues of the breast (parenchyma) are rearranged to make a more fuller and youthful breast. Unlike breast reduction surgery where tissue is removed and volume is reduced uplift surgery repositions the tissues. The procedure can be combined with implants (Mastopexy Augmentation). Mr Nikkhah routinely performs this surgery in his NHS practice for women who need symmetrisation surgery after microsurgical breast reconstruction.

Mastopexy can be carried out by a number of different techniques and the scars will differ accordingly. Most commonly you will be left with a scar around the nipple complex and a T shaped scar or vertical scar beneath the nipple complex.

The wounds are checked 7 days in the dressing clinic and women are advised to wear a well fitted sports bra.

In most instances there is no need to use a surgical drain.

Infection, Scar, Nipple sensation loss, Pain, Fat necrosis, Revision surgery ( up to 25 % risk) in Augmentation Mastopexy.